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Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut raised on the border line of Stratford PHELI RICH emerged as a multifaceted artist shaped by the polarity of her upbringing, This duality is not only reflected in her image but also in the captivating sounds she produces. From velvety deep vocal timbres to occasional sultry deliveries and bright inflections, all set before the backdrop of hard-hitting beats.

Her journey into the world of music began at a remarkably young age when at just 10 years old, she showcased her talent by producing her own beat, writing an entire song, studio recording, crafting an outfit, and performing her debut piece. This early memory foreshadowed the artistic prowess that would define her career.

In 2018, PHELI RICH marked her official entry into the music scene with the release of "203," her debut single accompanied by a music video. The following year saw a series of performances spanning from VFILES in New York City to various Festivals in North Carolina which paved the way for the release of  The "OT" EP pronounced like the 'o t' in words like 'Hot" a 6 song, star studded EP that is dazzling with the embodiment of the PHELI RICH sound. 


Notably, the majority of the EP features production by industry heavyweights, including Multi-Platinum, Grammy-Nominated producer Maaly Raw and Platinum-Selling, Billboard-Featured Producer IAmTash.


Despite early success, PHELI RICH faced numerous challenges in her teenage years navigating the music scene which led to a three-year social hiatus. Undeterred, these tribulations became the catalyst for her decision to become a self-sufficient artist. Armed with determination, she developed a home studio and honed her skills in vocal recording, mixing, and 3d modeling for avatar creation using the profound blender software.

PHELI RICH's journey is not only a testament to her resilience but also an exploration of her evolving artistry. As an artist who has navigated the complexities of the music scene, PHELI RICH continues to carve her own path, defying expectations and showcasing the power of self-expression in the ever-changing landscape of the music industry.

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