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Who Is Pheli Rich?

PHELI RICH is a virtual music artist made in the image of her creator who holds fractal qualities such as profound musical talents and abilities. In 2022 PHELI RICH reissued the OT ep which is pronounced like the o t in words like Hot. A 6 star studded song ep that is dazzling with the embodiment of the PHELI RICH sound : The vocal performance displays polarity with velvety deep vocal timbres contrasted by occasional sultry delivery’s over hard knocking bouncing bass beats. The majority of the  EP features production by Multi Platinum, Grammy Nominated producer Maaly Raw  and Platinum Selling, Billboard Featured Producer IAmTash.


When did PHELI RICH start making music?

PHELI RICHs Creator Produced her own beat, wrote an entire song, studio recorded, and performed her first song at 10 years old. After that her creator was involved in a tween girl group who sung and performed classic covers such as “Love is like an itching in my heart” by The Supremes. In her teen years She soon studio recorded and published her rap “Wipe Me Down Remix” on SoundCloud. The same year of 2017, Her first music video was recorded and released on YouTube. Although many other songs were recorded, few were released as PHELI RICH searched for her true sound that reflected her demeanor and perspective. Early 2018 "Filthy Rich Naya" pronounced Ny Uh, studio recorded ”203” her first original single debuting her new found timbre over a deep bounce bass, The single was well received at her VFILES performance in New York City. Later that year the music video to 203 was released as a storyline that was written, directed, and conceptualized by PHELI RICH herself. Early 2019, PHELI RICH released her first body of music: "The Haute EP". After performing at All Star Weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina and The Cultura Festival in Greensboro, North Carolina, The "Haute" EP was released in 2019. After a 3 year hiatus, in 2022 Filthy Rich Naya rebranded as the virtual avatar PHELI RICH and reissued the “Haute” EP as the OT EP.

Why did you go on a 3 year music and social hiatus?

Long story short I experienced a string of debilitating events that one by one broke me down until I declared to be inert. After so, I went through the most depressive episodes of my life that triggered all my past unresolved trauma that was embedded in my nervous system to painfully re-emerge for awareness and resolution. My perspective and lifestyle changed drastically, I was no longer the same person. What I thought I knew and wanted, I was able to view with clairvoyance. After spending my life energy working towards a passion to suddenly see the paths and circumstances which it would lead precognively, I simply couldn’t continue business as usual. I had to reinvent and building a supportive structure takes time after the demolition is over. As far as the social aspect, I chose isolation. I needed to be in my own energy only, I had no friends and did not participate in social gatherings, I found it hard to trust people after developing a sense to read intentions, a metaphysical attribute. 


Why did you change your name?

After my transformation, I simply wasn't the same person. I wanted an identity that I could own and that was authentically me. I wanted my stage name to be a proprietary asset, So I decided to let go of my previous moniker with all the weight from expectations and other peoples perspectives and ideals.

Why do you use an avatar?

I want all the attention I receive to be directed towards my music. I want my talent recognized, valued, and appreciated. Using an avatar helps me to generate content in a way my lifestyle allows with minimal strain of competing in the Instagram and music entertainment beauty pageant. I’ve done all that before and people were more interested in my looks more than my music so I really just want the attention I receive to be from and for my music at this point. My avatar was made in my image and she allows me to express and focus on my music purely.

What is your workflow like after your hiatus?

After my past experiences of recording in studios, I've decided to record myself and I'm teaching my self how to engineer and mix my own music.

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