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WHAT HAPPENED TO “Filthy Rich Naya” ?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

It’s no secret that my last social media / online presence was over two years ago. one may ask “Why or What caused me to radically cease my social activity?” Most people may identify me with my Fashion Sense & Style, My Naturally hazel eyes or my musical endeavors, But after my last Instagram post of myself on October 2019, my entire perception of myself and my surroundings expanded in a way that couldn’t be denied. After this massive self realization, I started spiraling into suppressed experiences that ultimately made me “Filthy Rich Naya” Reactions, Suggestions, Other People’s Fantasies of me, and piled on need based attachments had to be removed from my true source of being because continuing to harbor this falsity after witnessing its damage from a out of body view, would be denying myself truth and wallowing in ignor-ance. This type of experience isn’t a selfie and hashtag moment to continue to prance around in limited reality, It is a full fledge pain you feel reverberate through all of your bodies (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, & Physical) a complete destruction of everything you thought you knew, felt, or thought. It is a time to do inner work and preserver, a time for you to BE IN yourself, not OUTSIDE your self occupying and dandying up one facet of your whole being to the world for likes, comments and engagements. Most like to use the phrase “You must unlearn to relearn“ but don’t talk about that blank phase you go through after unlearning or deprogramming harmful belief systems, and uncognitive self sabotaging behaviors. All of my energy, perception and time were wrapped into this complex process of diving into myself, emerging from the depths and then BEING my true self. Growing through this process was very intense and some of the few things that kept me strong was my music and my potential. My transformative journey is not over but I am at the point where I’m ready to share with my audience what I’ve been through and what I’m doing next. With that being said, I am no longer the same person I was when I took my leave of absence. I am Pheli Rich, entirely myself with no outer connotations.

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